Summer Reading Program


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Winning numbers are 2, 25, 88, 116, 148, 171, 196, 239, 241,
249, 267, 274, 296, 299, 308, 312, 327, 334

Choose prizes for reading books
    Pick up a reading log at the library
    Preschool - Grade 8 and above
    June 1 - August 16, 2021
    End-of-summer drawing August 16 for more prizes


Programs by animal experts
    Tuesday mornings at 10:30
    June 15, Lyon County Sherriff K-9
    June 22, Veterinarian
    June 29, ISU Extension/4H
    July 6, Patriotic Animals (plus hedgehogs)
    July 8, Great Plains Zoo (Thursday, 10:30)
    July 13, Lyon County Conservation


Summer Reading Program Events.jpg  SRP21 veterinarian.png  Summer Reading Program Event Jill Postma and Laura Beyenhoff Tuesday, June 29, 2021 1030 AM.jpg


Summer Reading Program Event Tuesday July 5, 2021 1030 AM We will be doing 4th of July Crafts involving our national bird the bald eagle. July 6 Becky VerBeek is bringing a hedgehog for the kids to see and even touch!!-2.jpg.png  Great Plains.jpg   Summer Reading Program Event Lyon County Conservation Emily Ostrander Tuesday July 13, 2021 1030 AM Emily will be speaking on endangered animals and will be brining a live animal or two with her..jpg


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