Library Staff


 Linda McCormack  Director
 Glenda Hellenga  Assistant Librarian
 Joy Bauman  Program Coordinator & Assistant Librarian
 Lori Poppinga  Assistant Librarian
 Dale Klarenbeek  Janitor


What Do Public Library Directors Do, Anyway?


A public library director is the department head of a city service.  The major duties and responsibilities of a public library director include: 

  1. Acts as professional/technical advisor to library board of trustees on policy, finances, planning, library performance, laws affecting libraries. 
  2. Hires and supervises personnel. 
  3. Implements board policy, interprets library policy for the public. 
  4. Administers the library budget. 
  5. Develops the library collection (“collection” is everything the library has on hand for its customers:  books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers, subscriptions to electronic resources, puppets and more). 
  6. Manages library services and programs. 
  7. Directs and provides outreach services to the community. 
  8. Manages and maintains the library facility/building, computer technology, the library’s automation system and other library equipment. 
  9. Represents the library in the community and promotes the library and its services. 
  10. Teaches the community how to access, evaluate and use information resources, both in paper and electronic.  

In small cities with few or no other library staff, the library director serves customers directly and may also: 

  • provide pre-school story time to build early literacy skills in young children.
  • help kids find resources to complete school assignments.
  • help readers find a good book.
  • find answers to questions from customers.
  • and yes, check out books!