Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy

1.  The meeting room in the Rock Rapids Public Library is intended primarily for the use of the library itself for programs and conferences related to its civic, informational, educational, cultural, and recreational services.  Library programs and library related meetings shall have first consideration the scheduling of the meeting room.

2.  The meeting room in the Rock Rapids Public library may be reserved for use by educational, civic, cultural, and governmental groups when no admission charge is made. Exceptions may be made for meetings sponsored by the library or an approved non-profit educational group or institution for short-term classes, institutes, discussion groups, and forums involving small fees.

3.  Local businesses, corporations, and union organizations may use the meeting room for conferences or seminars, but not for sales purposes, for a charge of $60.00 for any part of a 4-hour period, and $45.00 for any part of each additional 4-hour period.

4.  The room is not available for private parties.

5.  Approval is granted only for a single meeting, or for a brief series of meetings.

6.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make a charge for janitorial services, if the size or nature of the meeting warrant it.

7.  Generally, the meeting room will be available for use during the hours the library is open.  If the meeting will extend past regular library hours, the organization must arrange ahead of time for a staff member to open and close and supervise the building.  A charge of $20.00 for each hour or any portion thereof will be made for use beyond normal library hours as established by the Board.  There will be no exceptions to this unless authorized by the Board.

8.  No food may be prepared in the meeting room.  Non-alcoholic beverages and finger foods may be served.  The library will furnish no dishes or food service utensils.  The room must be left clean and in good condition after use.  No dark-colored juice may be served.

9.  There will be no smoking in the library building.

10.  The Library Board of Trustees or the City of Rock Rapids are not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property of those using the meeting room.  The Library is not responsible for contraction of disease.

11.  Any damages resulting from room use will bar the organization from using the room thereafter.  Charges will be made for any damages incurred. 

12.  Tables, chairs, and other equipment are not for loan outside of the building.

13.  All groups will be accepted or refused at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.