Gifts and Memorials

Policy on Gifts & Memorials

I.  Gifts of Materials

    A.  Gifts of materials will be accepted with the condition that the library director will have final authority with the disposition thereof.

    B.  The same principles used for the selection of all materials will be used in evaluating gift material.

    C. Gift materials will be shelved in the regular collection where they will be most useful rather than in a separate gift section.

    D.  The library makes an effort to dispose of all gift material which it does not add to its own collection to the very best advantage.

    E.  The library does not provide a monetary appraisal for gift material.

II.  Memorial Books

    A.  Book plates are placed in books which are given as memorials.

III.  Other Gifts and Memorials

    A.  Contributors to the building fund for the new library building are recognized by a framed printed list.

    B.  Memorials and donations of $500.00 or more are recognized with a brass plate on a wall plaque beginning with the year that the new library building was completed.

    C.  Thank you cards or letters are sent for sizeable gifts and all memorials.

    D.  Appropriate publicity will be sought for gifts of noteworthy size.

    E.  The decision as to the acceptance of furnishings and equipment shall be made by the Library Board of Trustees on the advice of the Library Director.  Among the criteria on which the decision shall be based are need, space, impact on staff time, and expense and frequency of maintenance.